Pumpkin-Spice Up your Dog Agility Training this Fall

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Fall is here, and so comes the brisk air, beautiful leaves, and pumpkin-spiced lattes. For dog agility, it’s a last chance to train outdoors before winter. But this fall season also brings unique opportunities to spice up your training sessions. Grab your RiteChoice Dog Agility Tunnel, get outside, and add a little fall flare to your obstacle course this season with these fun fall-themed, DIY obstacle course ideas.

Rake Jumping: No obstacle course is complete without jumping obstacles. Use the stick of a rake or broom to create an easy home hurdle. For your dog’s safety, make sure to remove the rake or broom end if possible. Simply place the handle on two equal surfaces–like a couple large pumpkins–and ensure the broomstick can be safely knocked off in case your pup jumps too short.

Pumpkin Weaving: Spice up your obstacle course with some pumpkin-spiced weaving! Pick up 5-10 large pumpkins and place them in a straight line no closer than 24 inches apart. For your dogs safety, ensure to remove the stems of the pumpkins or pad them with a thick, soft covering (like a pool noodle). Pumpkins are a good sturdy obstacle. Because of its width, using pumpkins presents an added challenge for your pup compared to thin poles.

Spooky Tunnel Sprints: Get creative with your RiteChoice Dog Agility Tunnel by adding spooky Halloween decorations! On an extra-large sheet of cardboard, trace the diameter of your dog tunnel so the circle touches the bottom of the board, then cut out the hole. You can then decorate the board to look like a monster opening its mouth. Feed the front end of your tunnel through the hole in the board and you’ve got yourself a spine-chilling agility tunnel. Avoid putting any decorations inside the tunnel, as they might throw-off, scare, or injure your dog.

Leaf Pile Leap: Finish your October obstacle course with a bang! After doing some productive yard raking, put that giant pile of leaves to use. Design your fall-themed course so it ends in the direction of the leaves. Your dog will love being rewarded for finishing the course with a jumbo jump into the pile. Just remember to remove all large sticks and rocks before your dog takes the leap.

We Care: We care about your dog and you! Follow these tips to ensure a fun and safe obstacle course with your furry family and friends:

  • Your obstacle course will be most enjoyed in the daytime with cool, clear, and dry weather.
  • Be cautious of overexerting your pup. Signs of this include losing concentration/interest, extended periods of heavy panting and laying down. We recommend keeping your training sessions to about 20 minutes a day.
  • Have ample water and treats on hand. A little praise and lots of belly rubs go a long way.
  • Always inspect your course for sharp and solid items that could injure your dog.
  • Consult a veterinarian if you are unsure of the activity level recommended for your pup.

We’d love to see what you create! Take a picture and tag us in your fall-themed obstacle course and spooky RiteChoice Dog Agility Tunnels on Instagram @RiteChoiceDogAgility.

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