5 Tips for Summertime Dog Agility Training

Posted by RiteChoice Dog Agility

When summertime heats up, it can be downright ruff on our furry family members to handle the hot temperatures. However, even in the heat of summer, Rover still needs his daily dose of agility exercise! Thankfully, the Doggy Fun Experts at RiteChoice Dog Agility have come up with some howling good ways to still have agility fun in the summer heat while being safe: 


  1.       The Early Dog Catches the Tunnel: air and ground temperatures are always cooler before the sun has risen so try getting up earlier with Rover. Take a brisk walk to warm up and get to fun practicing your RiteChoice dog agility tunnels before the day heats up.
  2.       Avoid Being Dog Tired:  typically, dog agility training lasts about a half an hour thanks to short attention spans and Furry Parent’s schedules. Consider shortening sessions to 15 minutes to prevent exhaustion and overheating. If you want to split 15 minutes in the early morning and 15 minutes at dusk, this would be a perfect recipe for your pup’s summer agility schedule.
  3.       Avoid Hot Doggin’: too much hot doggin’ is not good for your pup or you. Making sure there is ample shade and freshwater on hand for both you and Rover. No one ever won the Paw-lympics by being dehydrated and hot. Hashtag-True Story.
  4.       You Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down: sometimes Mother Nature has her own plan when it comes to summertime heat. If the weather simply isn’t cooperating, bring your dog agility training indoors. Family rooms, great rooms, basements, and even cleared out garages have been put to good use for agility training.  With a little creativity, old school gym vibe and some inspirational music (cue: Eye of the Tiger) your pup could be the next Sylvester Sta-Bone
  5.       Like a Dog with Two Tails: want to really make your Dog Days of Summer the best summer in the history of ever? Two words: Wading. Pool. It’s truly genius (and inexpensive) if you think about it. Especially if your training times land in the hotter time of day. After an exciting session of tunnel running who wouldn’t like to splash and play in a cool wading pool? 


Follow these Summer Dog Agility Training tips to ensure you and your dog have a happy and safe summer season filled with lots of tunnel running fun. If you are in the market for the coolest Dog Agility Tunnels in the history of ever, make sure to check out our fun, summer colors, and Tunnel Accessories. Rover will undoubtedly thank you!  

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