Our Beginnings

Our pup-parent company, RiteChoice Ducting, develops high-quality flexible ducting for multiple industries including climate control, aviation, tent & structure, lawn & leaf, industrial, military & disaster relief. After receiving a dog-gone bunch of calls from owners desperate for better products for their fur babies, they inquired about using the ducting for Dog Agility purposes. A few phone calls between the Chief Fetch Officer and the Chief Treat Officer and it was decided: providing an affordable, high-quality product for our favorite furry friends was a priority. And just like that, RiteChoice Dog Agility was born!


We began developing tunnels, manufactured with the American Kennel Club requirements for diameter, pitch & lengths. We then took it further. We created tunnels that could be transported, set-up and stored easily. And what utterly secured our “Teacher’s Pet” title was making these tunnels available in a variety of splashy colors and details to appease the discerning dog enthusiast and professional trainers alike. 


The un-leashing of RiteChoice Dog Agility Tunnels for owners & professionals who are active in canine performance sports, revealed the eminent need to expand with a complementary accessory line (much of which you do not find in "big box" stores). How could we do anything more you say? Well— we can provide you with the necessary indoor and outdoor, weights, staking, belts and connectors to complete your tunnel kits. And we did. Because we hand-craft every item, it enables us to fulfill custom requests- colors, lengths and fabric weights. 

Easy Peasy eCommerce

When you have inspiration at midnight, we are here for you. Did you wake up dreaming about your next Doggy Fun Day or DOGGY-lympics in the backyard? Browse us at the breakfast table or whenever inspiration strikes. Whenever it is, we will get you your product quickly. Our eCommerce shopping makes the process: convenient, user-friendly and fun. Need more info? On-line live chat is ready for your quick questions. 


We are indebted to the early adopters of our products, who quite literally requested and advised our product line development. If you have an idea or come across a product that you MUST have & think other dog folks would enjoy, please let us know…we love a great idea! 

We Heart Dogs

Although we are confident you and your canine will rate us a Stellar "4 Paws"--we eagerly await your feedback. Please let us know through: suggestions, improvements, ideas or pictures and video of your pups…we welcome it. One last tidbit. Our products are Made in the USA at our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. That means that we put our name behind it with a 1-Year Replacement Guarantee.