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If dogs are man’s best friend, then a dog’s best friend most obviously would be RiteChoice Dog Agility’s NEW eCommerce site. Made specifically with the busy dog owner’s schedule in mind, our user-friendly ecommerce site allows you to shop your pup’s favorite agility tunnels at your convenience.

Want to surprise Rover with an amazing dog agility tunnel for his birthday?

Browse our agility tunnels after he has gone to bed or when he is paw-deep in some tasty dinner.

Want to see Super Dogs dominate our agility tunnels?

Check out our social media videos Instagram and Facebook demonstrating how much mind-boggling fun pups have running our agility tunnels.

Doggone it, browse us whenever or wherever inspiration strikes.

Rest assured that whenever you decide to shop us, our eCommerce shopping makes the whole dog agility experience convenient, user-friendly and hot diggity dog fun!

We Heart Dogs

We are indebted to the early adopters of our products, who quite literally requested and advised our product line development. If you have an idea or come across a product that you MUST have & think other dog folks would enjoy, please let us know…we love a great idea!  Our dog loving specialists are ALSO standing by and are available for online chat. Best part? We are real, dog-loving people that love talking dog, scratching tummys (our pups of course!) and we live right in Wisconsin and would love to hear from you.

TWO Last Furry Tidbits

#1 Although we are confident you and your canine will rate us a Stellar "4 Paws"--we eagerly await your feedback. Whatever you want to bark at us: suggestions, improvements, ideas or fur-tastic pictures and video of your pups…we welcome it with open paws. #ritechoicedogagaility #ritechoicerover

#2 Our products are Made in the USA at our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. That means that we put our name behind it with a 1-Year Replacement Guarantee. (Say what?!) Can we get a High Paw?!

Now get to shopping and if you have any questions—we love when people bark at us!

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