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RiteChoice Dog Agility manufactures all of our products in-house and in America, which allows us to offer our customers the best quality materials and craftsmanship. Our true success is hinged upon our client’s generous feedback & custom requests, which have been integral in the development of our product line. Pairing our professional quality products with prompt service & reasonable pricing allows us to guarantee you can buy with confidence, knowing that RiteChoice Dog Agility stands behind every product. 

We look forward to serving you & your #RiteChoiceRover in the future.

Agility tunnels have become a staple of modern dog cometitions and RiteChoice dog agility tunnels are ideal when it comes to creating perfect obstacle courses for our best friends.

Lightweight, flexible, and durable, RiteChoice dog agility tunnels are engineered with a helix wireframe enveloped in PVC coated fabric excellent for organizing unique obstacle courses your pets will love that can always be modified effortlessly. Easily

  • Long-lasting indoor or outdoor use
  • Basic setup/ clean-up process
  • Easy storae and transportation
  • Various size accommodations

RiteChoice agility tunnels provide the ability to plan creative courses that dogs will love and are simple to arrange in fun, interactive ways. Essentially the model equipment for animal competition dexterity passageways - durable, flexible, light, basic components, etc. -everyone wins the pups have a go, so treat them and yourself today.

RiteChoice Ducting is a global manufacturer and supplier of american-made dog agility tunnels. professionals in the production and design of high-quality dog agility applications, we take pride in the craft of dog agility and look forward to helpful you. Contact Ritechoice and see how we can help you today.

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