How to Throw a Howling Halloween Party

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Are you and Rover getting all dressed up for Halloween with no place to go? Then you need to check out our top tips on how to throw a Halloween bash that is pup-tastic and will have doggy attendees and fur parents howling praise for days to come!

Goblin Gathering

Make sure you party space allows enough room for pups and parents to mingle, play and socialize safely without being overcrowded. If weather permits, consider an outdoor spaced that is fenced and dog friendly. Ensure that all fragile, chewable, or poisonous-to-dog items are removed/out of reach of all four-legged attendees.


Ghoul List

The smaller the space you have to work with, the smaller the guest list. We recommend keeping the list small (under 10 humans) and always ensure that all dogs invited will get along with each other. A Howling Halloween Party should not be the first time the dogs meet, all dogs should be acquainted prior to attending.

Pumpkin to Talk About

No Howliday is complete without decorations! There are endless spooktackular ways to decorate for your pup’s party just make sure they are all pet friendly. Consider keeping all decorations up high and out of reach of your furry guests. Hanging cobwebs, orange lights, spiders and fog machines are always crowd pleasers!

Tricks for Treats

Organize some healthy fun for your furry friends by creating a maze of treats. First, throw some white sheets over the top of your RiteChoice Dog Agility tunnel for a ghostly effect. Then, squirrel away some squeaky toys in some hiding spots that are more obvious (all it takes is one squeak to get the pup-party started!). Next take some large stuffed, dog-safe toys (we like zombies!), remove the stuffing, and replace it with doggy treats. Sew the toys loosely back together so they are easily ripped apart (like a pup-pinata!) and hide them around your space. Finally, strategically space out water-filled bowls & drop in some ‘spooky bones’ or treats of choice. You can set up the games like an obstacle course or just release the hounds and help guide them through the maze of fun. Whatever you decide, we are certain your pups will do lots of tricks for all those treats!

Chompetition & Paw-rades

Of course, all pup attendees are required to wear a costume—they do not call it Howl-a-ween for nothing! If you want to spice up the festivities have a Costume Chompetition and have everyone vote for the best pup costume. The pup with the best costume wins a Doggy Bag full of fun toys and treats.  Too many paw-sitively amazing costumes to choose from? Consider a Puppy Paw-rade around the neighborhood with your guests to showcase your pup’s costumes! Make sure that all attendees have their leashes to ensure a safe adventure.

Creep it Real

As with any activity with pup friends be sure to give all dogs proper space to socialize and interact. Prior to your party, talk with furry parents to make sure there will not be any dominance, possessive or aggression issues when it comes to treats, food or toys. Always keep human Halloween treats out of reach of dogs. Remember that Halloween can be a stressful time for your pup, try to make it as comfortable and fun for them and their pup-friends. Choose pet-safe costumes that fit well and do not have loose parts that could cause choking. If your dog is uncomfortable with wearing a costume, do not force the issue. Only apply pet-safe makeup that is water soluble. Always consult with a vet before starting a new exercise such as tunnel agility. Most importantly, have a Howling of a good time!

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